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Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to work with a professional Realtor?

We are educated, knowledgeable, and have the experience!

Once you have decided on which realtor you would like work with, whether they were a referral, family friend, or someone you have used before, be an informed, loyal buyer. Ask questions. Tell them your concerns. The relationship between you and your realtor can be a great one. 

Some buyers are working with so many agents that the job never seems to get done!

Your hard-working agent will send you new listings hot off the press. Timing is everything in this business and your agent understands that more than anyone.

First Things First:

Have you been to your financial institution for a pre-approval?

Back up and take the time to do this first. There is no use wasting your time falling in love with a house only to be disappointed that it is out of your price range, or you do not quite qualify for a mortgage at this time. Once you have all your "ducks in a row' as we like to say, then the fun begins!

Now that you know your price range, what location would you like? Is there a particular style of house, or age of house?  How many bedrooms are you looking for? How many bathrooms do you want? A finished basement, or a garage? What do you think of a fenced in yard? 


Basically, we want to make a list of "must-haves." 

Is there anything you definitely do NOT want? I have found over the years, including when I was a buyer myself, that you could start out looking for one particular home and end up falling in love with something completely opposite to your wish-list! Yes, it does happen, and more than you would think!

Sometimes you can fall in love with the first house you see. Sometimes it may take a few showings and open houses. Once you have found "the house" it is time to make an offer.  This is where your knowledgeable professional and experienced agent works their magic.

Things to Consider:


Closing Date






The conditions could include:

house inspection



Rural properties may involve a well flow report, potable water and septic inspection.

Depending on what you are purchasing, there are many other conditions but these are few of the "regular ones."


After your realtor's terrific negotiating skills you now have an accepted offer. Once you have fulfilled all your conditions the deal is "firm." Your lawyer will take it from here.  Usually the week before closing the lawyer will call you to set up an appointment to sign documents.

Looking Forward to Closing Date

Buyers should take advantage of a final walk through the home to make sure everything is still the same as when they put in the offer. This final walk-through usually happens near the closing date.

The Big Day!

Once you get the call from your lawyer that the deal has closed, you can go pick up the keys.



Well, that's what we hope for, but sometimes life changes.

When this happens, call us... Angela Roach 613-921-4404.... Brendan Roach 613-827-8132....We will be there for you!

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