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Why are you selling your home?

  • to accommodate your growing family

  • downsizing

  • looking for a change

When you are ready to sell your place, there are a lot of steps to manage. 


Preparing your home for the market can be very important. Potential buyers sometimes need a "clear palette" when they walk into your place. They need to feel like they can make a new life for themselves in the space.

First impressions can make all the difference. To make sure you leave a great first impression:

Take care of all your landscaping

A couple of fresh hanging baskets can dramatically improve the curb appeal of a place.

Give your front door special attention so that it is inviting - get a new welcome mat

Make every interior surface shine and sparkle

Tend to all repairs the house needs to remove any doubts in your potential buyers


Organize closets and cupboards and drawers and cabinets

Remove clutter and clean everything

Paint your rooms - paint goes a long way in selling your home.  Neutral tones are a good choice and show better in photos. 

Depersonalize....take down family pictures so that buyers can envision themselves living there.

All these little things add up to prepare your house for the market, gives you a better chance at selling your house quickly and easily. 

Interviewing the Right Realtor for your Property

The best marketing you can have is the right price.

Your realtor will need to take good, clear photos of your home. 

House Is Listed

It can feel exciting and nerve-wracking once your house is listed.  When will you get an offer? Will you like the offer? Prepare yourself, be patient! 

I take pride in my negotiating skills and will get you an offer that you are happy with.

The new buyers may have conditions. Often enough, the conditions usually include financing, home inspection, and insurance. Rural properties will usually require potable water, well flow and septic inspection conditions.

Once the conditions are fulfilled, one of the best parts of my job is flipping that For Sale sign to SOLD!!

Once we get closer to the closing date, the buyer may want to do a final walk-through. This walk-through is to ensure everything is still the same as when they put offer in and all inclusions in the offer are in the house.

Now onto the next chapter of your life! 

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